Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Building Hotel Brand Loyalty - Through Mobile Apps - 1

Keeping pace with the mobile device usage explosion of recent years should be a part of every hotel’s marketing budget. Staying ahead of the curve with a consistently performing and user-friendly mobile hotel app can be a step toward winning the brand loyalty of your guests. According to Google, browsing on mobile devices has increased over 50 percent in the last year and tablet use is projected to skyrocket by 180 percent in the coming year.

Yet despite this phenomenon, Google also reports that fully one-third of users find their experience with mobile websites to be negative. These users say that many sites are difficult to see on their devices or cannot be navigated easily and intuitively. In contrast to the user’s negative experiences, they are moving forward toward using their devices to not only plan their travel, but also make the purchase and book a hotel. When it comes to mobile technology and travel, the consumer appears to be ahead of hotel brands.

Considering how pervasive mobile devices have become and the public’s resulting expectations, it is risky at best for any hotel to not have a website optimized for mobile at a minimum. Those hotels and chains that choose to go the extra mile for their customers with a user-friendly and free mobile app will reap the rewards of improved brand loyalty, resulting in increased hotel bookings. The traveling public now seems more than willing to dream about, plan, and make all of the arrangements for their travel via mobile devices. This includes actually paying for and booking the hotel. Giving them a comfortable in-house mobile app makes sense for hotel brands that desire to win over their customer’s loyalty.

Effective hotel mobile apps should go beyond just bringing guests to the premises, they can transform the guest experience during the hotel stay and beyond. Customer service, in addition to sales and marketing, should be an important facet of any hotel app. In the next blog post, we will look at what features go into a hotel mobile app geared toward building brand loyalty.


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