Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Building Hotel Brand Loyalty - Through Mobile Apps - 2

The vast numbers of mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets, used by the public now is a good enough reason to have a mobile optimized hotel website. But to go a step further and reach out to customers in an effort to gain their loyalty, requires a mobile hotel app. Obviously, hotels are in the business of keeping their guests happy and with most guests carrying a mobile device, a hotel app can go a long way toward attaining that goal.

A hotel can offer their guests a higher level of customer service by utilizing a hotel app. Guests may not be fully aware of all the services and hotel amenities available to them during their stay. The app can be a useful tool to keep guests informed of any special events taking place on the property. Hotel apps should highlight special services such as a spa, restaurant, golf, skiing, and shopping, along with any associated special deals. This will make the hotel guests feel at home and like special “insiders”.

Many of a hotel’s guests may be visiting your destination for the first time and need valuable information about the surrounding area. Even seasoned travelers can gain inside information about the city, town, or countryside where the hotel is located from a hotel app. Offering users restaurant suggestions, sightseeing highlights, and travel directions will be greatly appreciated by both business and leisure travelers. The hotel can become a virtual tour guide for its guests that they will remember, tell their friends about and inspire them to return for future hotel bookings. Hotel guests will love having a concierge they can take with them wherever they go.

Providing excellent customer service is only one benefit for hoteliers. Improving hotel operations is another plus for hotel managers. The app can answer many questions that are usually asked of the hotel’s extremely busy front desk staff, freeing them up to handle more pressing matters. An added bonus to app users can be provided in the form of checking out through the app, avoiding front desk lines.

The dedicated hotel mobile app’s usefulness does not end when the guest’s stay is over. The great thing about an app is the fact that they take it with them when they leave. Valuable feedback can be learned through guest surveys conducted through the app. A hotel app can be a powerful tool also for maintaining connection with past guests, keeping them abreast of future specials or events to drive repeated hotel bookings.

The hotel app is a cost-effective means to gaining lasting guest brand loyalty for hotels. In the next part of this series, we will examine how personalizing the guest experience will strengthen this aim even more.

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