Friday, February 21, 2014

Hotel Marketing and Technology - Guest Services and Hotel Operations

Technology, as in all industries, is having a profound impact on the future of hotels. One way the hospitality industry is utilizing technology is to enrich the guest experience at their hotels around the world, while saving on operational costs. Services that once seemed like a luxury perk are now viewed as necessities that should be free, such as Wi-Fi. The expectations of the traveling consumer have reached a new level. As technology plays a greater role in their everyday lives, they expect hotels to keep up and meet their expectations. Technology is also streamlining day-to-day hotel operations while cutting expenses.


Guest Services

Hotels are beginning to digitalize every facet of how guests experience their stays. Younger consumers, a demographic hotels are trying to reach, are much more comfortable with hi-tech devices. They expect hotels to be as tech-savvy as they are. For example, tablets are being provided to travelers at some hotels to replace some concierge services. The tablets are loaded with hotel and local restaurant and attraction information. In rooms and suites, hand-held devices control, not only the TV but regulate the temperature and control the blinds as well.


Hotel Operations

Keeping track of all the sheets, towels, linens, and other items used and needed by hotels is a large undertaking. Inventory management is an area where hotels are realizing cost savings through loss prevention. Stitched into these items now are small electronic ID tags that are sensed, and counted, at certain entry and exit locations. This is reducing theft of these necessary items. 

All of these technology additions by the hospitality industry are meant to make guests more comfortable and feel at home, while making it easier and less costly for hotels to do so.




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