Monday, March 31, 2014

Building Hotel Brand Loyalty Through Ratings and Reviews

Online hotel reviews and ratings are the engine that drives hotel bookings, particularly in the low to mid-priced accommodation ranges. Higher ratings significantly impact the hotel booking decisions of the traveling public in a positive way for hoteliers, bringing in more revenue. Many research studies have supported this fact. The most notable a Cornell University study, which states a one point ratings, rise, on a scale of five, brings with it a rise in room rates by eleven percent.
It is essential for hotel websites to contain reviews of the establishment since more than half, according to research from PhocusWright, will not book a hotel without reading its reviews first. These reviews should come in three forms: links to hotel social media, links to external websites like TripAdvisor, and directly on the hotel website. Providing reviews from multiple sources builds trust because by so doing any appearance of bias is eliminated and the reviews maintain their independence.
The personalization trend in the hospitality industry is key in motivating hotel guests to write positive reviews of their stays. The encouragement of the writing of hotel reviews by past guests can be given by offering incentives. Guests can be should be encouraged to write a review and rewarded in some small way for doing so, whether the review is good or bad. Hotels that successfully implement customized changes to personalize the experience for their guests should have no trouble garnering positive reviews in the first place. Leaving behind comment cards in rooms and post-stay follow-up emails to guests are also both useful tools for the encouragement of reviews.
Ratings and reviews have become crucial in hotel marketing efforts. They both provide hotels with valuable feedback and inspire potential guests to book a hotel. Hotels need to consider the several specific types of travelers and what is required to gain their brand trust and loyalty.

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