Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Driving Hospitality Revenue With Social Media - Facebook

Facebook, with its more than 1 billion worldwide users, is at the top of the social media world. The world’s most popular social network not only provides hotels with the most exposure, but offers the opportunity for direct hotel bookings as well. A hotel’s Facebook presence must be both attractive and engaging while also staying fresh and useful to its followers. Facebook apps specifically designed for hotels can highlight the best features and important information needed by potential guests. Here are some guidelines for an effective hotel Facebook page.


Visually Appealing

Facebook’s relatively new Timeline format is perfect for showing off your hotel beautifully, creating the all-important positive first impression. The cover photo is the first thing people will see when they come to your page. Choose an image of high resolution that projects the message you are trying to make with your audience. Remember, the cover photo can be changed at anytime and it is a good idea to switch it out periodically. The trend across all social media networks is toward highly visual, image-oriented content. This works in any hotel’s favor for obvious reasons. Be sure every post includes colorful, eye-catching images or even videos.


Engage With Your Audience

You need to give your followers compelling reasons to come back to your page. Respond to their comments and make them feel like you are listening - make it a conversation. Show them you care about your opinions and don’t be afraid to give some of your own. Social media is about real people interacting. Keep your audience engaged and entertained. A little light-hearted humor can go a long way. Ask them questions in addition to answering theirs. Conduct polls of things they love about your locale, for example. Make them think about what they enjoy when they stay with you. Promotions and giveaways will keep them coming back as well.


Keep It Alive With Fresh Content

Providing your followers with fresh, new hotel content will also bring them back again and again. This doesn’t have to necessarily be done everyday, but once or twice a week at least. Include photos in all your updates and encourage the fans to share theirs. This will keep the traffic and interest level up.


It Should Be Useful For Fans

Your hotel Facebook page must have a hotel direct booking engine and offer the audience the opportunity to see rooms, rates, and availability. This is essential to converting a fan or follower into a paying guest. Hotel specific Facebook apps are available to make this a smooth and easy transaction.

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