Friday, April 18, 2014

Current Trends In Hotel Reservations For 2014

There are two major trends developing in hotel bookings and reservations that are likely to affect the hospitality industry in the coming years. First, consumers are increasingly adopting mobile devices into their daily lives, with a corresponding impact on hotels and the way travelers will interface and experience hotels. The second trend is the ability of hotels to steer travelers to book their stays directly on the hotel’s website, rather than through an online travel agency. This saves the hotel having to pay booking fees to the online travel agency. Both of these trends are shaping the future of the hospitality industry in respect to both marketing and operations.



Mobile technology is having a profound impact on society at large and hoteliers are catching on. How each guest experiences their stay at a hotel is enriched through the use of smartphones and tablets at each stage of their stay. From a reservations and booking perspective, hotels are beginning to incorporate mobile technology into their marketing and booking efforts with apps and mobile-optimized websites. Hospitality industry marketers are now gearing their efforts toward the mobile traveler. Searching for accommodations, booking the stay, check-in, and even choosing room preferences can be accomplished through mobile devices. Once at the hotel, guests can order special services via mobile as well.


Direct Booking

For years now, hotels have relied on the rise of the online travel agency to steer guests to stay with them. This arrangement has proved beneficial to both consumers and hotels. Consumers have been able to find the best deals available to them, and hotels have seen an increase in their occupancy rates. But for the hotel this comes at a price, in the form of booking fees through the online travel agency. Hotels are now trying to encourage guests to book their stays directly through the hotel’s own website.

The hospitality industry is accomplishing this in two ways. First, they are offering consumers a much improved online booking experience. Second, loyalty programs only available on the hotel’s own site are keeping consumers coming back to book completely in-house. Direct booking is another area in which mobile technology will play a role in the future of the hospitality industry.

Hotels that embrace these trends in the industry will not only position themselves for growth in the coming years, but will be meeting the needs and expectations of their guests. These developments in the hospitality industry point towards hotels gaining the loyalty of travelers who will become repeated guests.

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