Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Current Trends In Vacation Rentals - SEO Website Optimization

People are making most of their travel arrangements online, with nearly 8 out of every 10 booking online according to Google. And the world’s number one website search engine decides who and what they see. Recent changes to Google’s search algorithms have complicated the issue for vacation rental companies trying to stand above the crowd. Thinking of the end user, Google is encouraging original content with higher rankings and penalizing sites that merely stuff themselves full of keywords. Also, an active and engaging social media brand presence is an increasingly vital facet of a website’s search engine optimization (SEO). In this two part series, we will explain what steps can be taken both inside and outside a website to optimize it for higher search engine rankings.


Website Optimization


Relevant Keywords

In order to compile an effective keyword list for your website, it helps to truly understand your vacation rental home, its rental guests and their needs, and your vacation rental’s place in the community. Make your keywords descriptive with terminology that might be used by your guests. Be specific to the things that make your vacation home and its location special and unique. You must also understand the difference between broadly written keyword search terms and wording more specific to your particular location. For example, “Florida beach vacation rental” as opposed to “vacation rental”. The former will compete with a much smaller number of websites by being more specific.


Quality Content

Providing rich, valuable content to visitors is the most effective way to raise a websites search ranking. Giving your audience content that is always relevant while enjoyable, helpful, and informative, will bring them back again and again. This takes considerable effort and time, but pays off in the end. Quality, useful content will always help give your website ranking a boost.

These are a few things you can do directly on your website, but Google’s latest search algorithms give higher rankings based on social media presence and engagement


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