Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Current Trends In Vacation Rentals - Social Media - Facebook


With over a billion users worldwide, Facebook is a powerful force that can be leveraged to a brand’s advantage. The vacation rental industry has been slow to adopt social media in general and Facebook specifically, but that is changing, To build a successful vacation rental Facebook page requires some knowledge of how the network works.



Engagement and the level of it your brand inspires in its fans is what drives the Facebook engine. The network actually has its own algorithm, like Google, to determine page rankings. Called EdgeRank, it is crucial to deciding when and if your fans will see your posts. The level of interaction in the form of likes, comments, and shares between your page and each one of its fans goes into the networks placement of your posts and an actual level of visibility. A fan that only likes a few posts and does not engage beyond that will probably only see a small percentage of all your total posts. So therefore everything posted by your brand must be as compelling as possible to spur engagement, especially shares and comments that are more important to EdgeRank than likes. So what is the key to engagement?



Pictures and video have been taking the social media world by storm in the last year or two. The old saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ really applies to social media. The fact is that images drive engagement levels. There should at least one picture for every Facebook post by your brand. Especially since the vacation rental industry is so image-oriented and vacations are all about photos and videos. Choose an image that will stir the imagination of want-to-be vacationers and entice them to book your property.



Your posts on Facebook need a clear call to action. This is where outbound links come in to play. With a link embedded in your post, you can steer your fans directly to your website. From there you can obviously give them much more detailed information, including the phone number to call, about the property being promoted. If necessary, the link can be shortened by use a service such as Bitly to make it a more manageable size. Outbound links from Facebook not only increase the page’s EdgeRank, but help increase your website’s search engine ranking (SEO) with Google as well.

With its huge number of users worldwide, Facebook cannot be ignored. The largest social network is a valuable resource for the vacation rental industry. In a future post we will take a look at Twitter as a marketing platform for vacation rentals.

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