Thursday, April 10, 2014

Current Trends in Vacation Rentals - Social Media - Google

Google is the social network of the world’s number one website, Google. The search giant introduced its own social media network in September 2011 and has since built up to 343 million active users as of August 2013. For most of its short history the network had a reputation for attracting only “techie types”, but that is changing and the network is growing outside its original user demographic. Google has been expanding and connecting all of its various services, which over time will make the network harder to ignore for everybody. As we move forward into 2014, experts are predicting that Google will become a widely accepted and used social network. This is just one of the reasons for the vacation rental industry to get onboard with Google ; here are some more.


Google Local

This important feature, which used to be called Google Places, firmly establishes your rental property’s place on the Google map. This is will help potential guests easily find your rental properties. When users search Google for vacation rentals in a particular location, your property will show up in the listings with photos and contact information. Users can leave reviews of the property as well, increasing exposure even further.


Google Circles

This unique feature of Google provides the functionality to organize your followers into different categories. Specific posts can be targeted to certain groups of followers based on the ‘Circle’ in which you have placed them. You can select which circle or circles will see each of your outgoing messages. This useful feature is only found on Google .



If for no other reason, this is why it is essential for vacation rentals to have a presence on Google . The network is part of the most powerful search engine on the planet and just having an account set up will boost your property’s search ranking. If you use the network actively and link it to all your other social network accounts and website, it gains even more power for you.

Having an active presence on Google should be an important piece of any effective online marketing campaign for vacation rentals. If you are still on the fence, why not harness the power of the search giant’s own social network?

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