Friday, April 4, 2014

Current Trends In Vacation Rentals - Social Media - Twitter


Twitter is a micro-blogging website which limits user’s posts to 140 characters. Vacation rental owners and managers who do not use Twitter may be surprised at just how effective the network can be for marketing rental properties, when properly used. Twitter had just over 115 million users as of August 2013, a powerful user base. Add to that the over 58 million tweets being sent each day, the sheer volume of tweets on this social network and its resulting highly viral nature, build the case for how important this network is for the vacation rental industry.


A Twitter account is one of the foundations of any vibrant online presence, essential for building your vacation rental brand. With recent changes to Google’s search algorithm, social media engagement is now crucial for SEO (search engine optimization). Twitter is a good fit for the vacation rental industry since the network is all about real-time communication between people, and vacation rental properties are offered in a time-sensitive manner. Here are some useful purposes for the vacation rental industry to use Twitter for online marketing:


Driving Traffic

Twitter can be an effective tool for steering potential guests to your property’s website. The best way to accomplish this is to have all your social media accounts and website connected through cross links on all of them. With all of your accounts cross-linked, every re-tweet, Facebook like or share, re-pin on Pinterest, etc. has even more power to drive visitors to your site. Using hashtags (#) connected to industry specific keywords is a commonly used device for helping Twitter users find your content and become followers of your brand as well.


Brand Building

Twitter is also highly effective for establishing your brand within the travel industry at large. Networking with other vacation rental property owners and managers along with other segments of the hospitality industry, will secure your brand’s place as an expert authority on travel. Providing quality content with helpful information about your local regional destination, homeowner tips, local attractions, etc. will prove to others your brand professionalism.


Property Promotion

Finally, Twitter can be used occasionally for direct promotion of your properties. However, this must be done without overt sales pitches and only on occasion. The general rule of thumb for direct promotion is 1 in 10. One tweet can be links to property information with short descriptions, the other nine posts should be informational tweets followers and others will find helpful in some way.

Twitter is a potent marketing resource, which is available to the vacation rental industry that may be overlooked by some property owners and managers. In a future post we will see the benefits for vacation rentals to have an account on the Google network.




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