Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Building Hotel Brand Loyalty - The Family Traveler

The traveling family has been and will continue to be a significant market for the hospitality industry. Current trends are seeing the large demographic Baby Boomers including their grandchildren in their travel plans and hotel stays, which only enlarge the family travel segment. Yet many hotels only pay lip service to this market by offering little more to gain the family travelers hotel brand loyalty than a so-called “kids club” with video games and coloring books. There is much more that can be done by hotels to win over this valuable hotel travel demographic.



Many families travel and stay in hotels in groups that are too large for standard size hotel rooms. This creates difficulties both financially and in the family structure. High priced suites are often out of the question. Many hotels charge extra for roll in cots and force the family to pay full price for a second room. Any hotels truly seeking to be family friendly should consider discounted second rooms and offering the extra beds free of charge.



Hotels that are serious about gaining increased hotel bookings from family travelers should offer the types of services they really need. Babysitting services are greatly appreciated by parents who need a little time to themselves. Entertainment for kids is also essential in this regard. Video game rentals and in-room movies for children can help keep the kids busy when in the hotel. Free shuttle service to and from area attractions, shopping, and restaurants will make for happy family travelers who don’t have pack the kids up in the car and fight traffic in unfamiliar surroundings.



A few amenities can go a long ways toward earning the hotel brand loyalty of travelers with families. Hotels with pools should keep on hand a complimentary supply of the types of things kids like or need when swimming. Water wings, floats, pool noodles, etc. are inexpensive and making them available to hotel guests will be memorable when it comes time to make hotel reservations in the future.



A family appreciates having certain food related items right in their own room. If parents buy their kids some drinks, snacks, food to be eaten in the room, it is nice to have a small refrigerator in which to cool them. A coffee maker and a microwave in the room will please everyone as well. Child safety must be paramount in regards to all of these appliances also, keeping them out of reach of little ones. Any hotels with a restaurant must have a plentiful amount of high chairs and booster seats for the comfort of children and parents.

Finally, the most important thing hotels can do to earn and keep the loyalty of family travelers involves no cost to the hotel. It is in adopting an attitude of service to children and treating them equally as well as the paying adults. This will make family travelers remember the hotel and come back again.


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