Sunday, May 25, 2014

Building Hotel Brand Loyalty

The hospitality industry has historically been, in the form of the Global Distribution System (GDS), an innovator and early adopter of available technology. But despite an early technological edge, hospitality lags behind other industries that are in the lead to some extent. Retail companies are showing the way to the future for hotels and the travel industry through improved websites and mobile apps, according to data compiled by the research firm eDigital. Yet, the vast majority of both leisure and business travelers make their travel arrangements online now.

Hospitality is moving to leverage technology for the future, but there is so much more that can be done to gain the lasting loyalty of travelers.  The key to building brand loyalty for hotels is to improve the way customers experience the hotel at every step of their stay: before, during, and after.

By utilizing superior mobile apps and hotel websites, travelers can better plan their hotel stay while increasing opportunities for direct hotel bookings. These technologies also offer the possibility of raising the guest experience during the stay. Personalizing each guest’s experience to their individuality as much as possible, both with hotel ancillary services and through technology, can move the hospitality industry further toward the goal of building up a brand loyalty for hotels that will last.

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