Friday, May 2, 2014

Social Media Marketing to Seniors - Part 1

Social media networks seem to be the realm of the young and nearly young, at least that is the incorrect perception anyway. Life expectancy has steadily risen during the last century, driven by medical advances and better diet, along with other factors. This has led to better levels of productivity for our society’s senior citizens, resulting in seniors living active lives beyond previous expectations. New studies recently released by the Pew Research Center and Wishpond, among others, indicate that senior citizens over 74 years of age make up the fastest growing demographic category across many social media channels. Other important findings for social media marketers:

  •  43 percent of those over 65 use at least one social network.
  •  Adults between 50 and 64 are nearly as active on social media as people between 30 and 49.
  •  Seniors over the age of 74 have 47 times more net worth than non-seniors over 35 years of age, according to AdAge.

These figures have significant implications for marketers across the spectrum of social networks. Most social media marketing campaigns under incorrect assumptions that they are not interested in digital technology and social networking has largely overlooked this market segment. This has been a serious miscalculation on the part of businesses that have been trying to increase sales through the use of social media, yet have been looking past a sizable market segment.
Seniors can now be found using the internet and social media for all the same purposes as their younger counterparts, including conducting Google searches, reading their newsfeeds, keeping up with friends and family on Facebook, or watching videos on YouTube. These are all the same reasons that people of all ages gravitate toward social media sites. Businesses need to strategize how to best leverage this lucrative demographic group while engaging and interacting with seniors with the level of respect and understanding they deserve.
In parts two and three of this series, we’ll see exactly how and specifically where senior citizens spend their social networking time and look at tips on how best to market to them utilizing social media.

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