Thursday, May 8, 2014

Social Media Marketing to Seniors - Part 3

Senior citizens make up an extremely under-marketed segment of the population, particularly across social media. With recent studies illustrating the folly of missed opportunities, companies searching for sales on social networks can no longer ignore this enormous marketing potential. As the total population of older citizens steadily grows through the baby-boom generation, businesses must turn more of their attention to the population segment that controls 75 percent of the country’s wealth.
Successfully marketing to seniors on social media involves gaining a true understanding of the audience and creating relevant content to match. This is always important in any social media marketing campaign, but particularly crucial in marketing to seniors. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Seniors tend to be highly brand loyal, so a high level trust must already exist or be earned by the brand.
  • Use relevant images, pictures that they prefer, over video.
  • Content should be extremely straightforward, avoiding gimmicks. Seniors generally like to read and will readily consume written content, more so than younger people who prefer content presented in video format.
  • Seniors today feel young. Direct content at their own self-image, which may not agree with your own image of seniors.
  • Seniors are proud to talk with their friends in a face-to-face setting, about their online successes. Make your brand something that a senior citizen would be happy to talk about and share their experience with your business. This will lead back to the first point about brand loyalty, which the audience is now spreading - good for your company!
The long overlooked senior citizen market is a ripe and waiting business opportunity. Brands willing to make an effort with our most experienced citizens will gain their trust and profit accordingly.

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