Monday, June 9, 2014

Current Trends In Vacation Rentals - Video

As part of the travel industry, the vacation rental industry shares certain advantages that many other industries do not have. Firstly, vacation rentals involve a subject loved by virtually everyone - vacation. Secondly, the very nature of the travel industry and vacation rental homes particularly is highly visual. Imagery can be utilized which can portray any destination or property as desirable, stirring the imagination of the would-be travelers who view them. Vacation rental homeowners should not limit themselves to photography. Videos are a tool that can be leveraged effectively by property owners, managers, and agents on the hugely successful YouTube. YouTube is a video sharing social media website for the do-it-yourself videographer.

YouTube videos do not need to expensively produced in order to be effective. There are many inexpensive videos on the network that were made with the simplest of video equipment. YouTube has a very powerful search engine, especially since Google bought the network. YouTube is the second largest website with millions of videos uploaded each and everyday. At the same time, it is perfect for a vacation homeowner to appeal to the visual sense of their target audience and convey the passion they have for their property. A well executed and cost effective video can be just what is needed to make a property stand above the crowd.


Here are some pointers for creating compellingly effective videos for your vacation rental property:



Keep Videos Short

The majority of videos on YouTube, especially the ones that are likely to be shared, are less than 5 minutes in length. Between 2 - 5 minutes length seems to work best, just enough time to introduce to the viewer to the home and what makes the property and its location so special. Anything longer and you will be taxing short attention spans.


Make Them Simple

Enhance and do not distract the audience with any verbal commentary on the video. Keep the speaking to whatever is necessary to add something to the viewer’s experience.


Think of Your Audience

What is your target renter looking for in a property? If you can get that message across, you will have accomplished your goal. The video must also communicate the message you desire to get across to them and do so in an entertaining, informative, and/or educational way.

Video can be the cost effective key for your vacation rental properties to reach your booking goals.



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