Friday, June 6, 2014

Current Trends In Vacation Rentals - Social Media - Instagram

Another social media network in keeping with the image-centric content trend is Instagram. A photo sharing social network, Instagram is another visual platform available to vacation rental owners and managers in marketing their properties. ‘A picture is worth a thousand words,’ according to the old saying and Instagram gives vacation rental property managers quick and easy functionality to share images or video on-the-fly via their mobile devices. This is a clear benefit, especially to those who are managing multiple properties with a large clientele.
Bought by Facebook in early 2012, Instagram was originally launched in 2010. In June of 2013 the platform added the capability of sharing video in addition to photos. In September of 2013 the network announced they had reached 150 million users. This is a tremendous potential audience. The app is free and extremely user friendly. Photos and videos can be shared directly from a mobile device without the need of a computer. From the app, photos and associated captions can be posted to other social networks, including Facebook, Tumblr, or Flickr.

Here are some ideas to maximize the benefits from Instagram for vacation rental promotion:

1. Use Hashtags
Just like Twitter, Instagram uses hashtags, #vacation rental for example. An image with that hashtag would show up in the search results for vacation rentals. Anything in the photo, including your property’s location, can be hashtagged. Posts can be neatly categorized with hashtags of search terms, which will lead people your Instagram account.

2. Be Informative
Use imagination and creativity with your posts. Instagram should be much more than pictures of houses. Promote your surrounding area as a desirable destination. Tell your fans about upcoming events and activities near your location. When creating home previews, take advantage of the new video sharing feature and include a short video property tour. Instagram’s neat editing tool makes it easy to effectively showcase a property in approximately 15 seconds.

3. Take Advantage of Photo Maps
This new feature of Instagram allows your vacation rental home to be tagged along with photos on a geo-location map. This will help your fans find your property where they can view images and video.

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