Monday, June 30, 2014

Driving Hospitality Revenue With Social Media - LinkedIn

LinkedIn is sometimes overlooked by the hospitality industry, which is unfortunate since the social network has much to offer a hotel’s social media marketing efforts. The purpose of LinkedIn is to serve as a network of professionals interacting with their peers. LinkedIn’s value lies more in networking than direct promotion and it is not a format for hard selling. With over 238 million members worldwide now, LinkedIn is however, an extremely powerful network of professionals and a valuable hotel marketing resource for the hospitality industry.



The LinkedIn Company Page

For a hotel, or any business, the LinkedIn company page is the central key to the network. This is the place LinkedIn has set aside where a company may talk about their business and offers your hotel the opportunity to openly promote itself. Here you can provide a summary of your hotel, showcasing all of its features, services, and products offered. Provide a link to your hotel’s website. Post news about upcoming events and promotions on the page, linking videos or images about everything new about your hotel as well.

Actively encourage discussion and feedback, using the likes, comments and shares to fine tune your content and gain marketing insights. Be sure to include hospitality industry relevant keywords throughout the page for effective SEO purposes and to aid your target audience in finding you. Present your hotel properly by making sure the company page is as thorough and complete as possible. Ensure the page fully represents your hotel.


LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are where professional industry peers gather to talk about their respective professions. There are literally thousands of groups related to the hospitality industry alone on LinkedIn. Join as many relevant groups as possible. LinkedIn groups can be an effective way to get marketing exposure for your hotel. Interacting and engaging in group discussions or sharing information that is relevant to the others in the group is a way of indirect hotel marketing.

Showcase your expertise by answering questions posed on the answers page. This will also help you connect with others in the group. To make sure you are on top of the current discussions in your groups, sign up for the daily digest of each one. If you have joined many groups, only subscribe to a weekly digest. Whenever you get the email update, take the opportunity to read it and then dive into the conversation on the site and engage.

LinkedIn provides the opportunity to use your expertise and experience to highlight and present your hotel in new and creative ways. The professional social network is an excellent tool for leveraging customers from among your connections on LinkedIn.


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