Monday, June 23, 2014

Hotel Marketing With Contests, Sweepstakes, Quizzes, and Coupons

Hotel Sweepstakes

The sweepstakes promotional giveaway offered by a hotel, in an especially desirous destination, will gain a high level of brand exposure. By giving away anything ranging from a free one night stay to the all-inclusive vacation, a hotel naturally has an advantage over other industries when it comes to garnering attention for their promotions. A sweepstakes giveaway on a Facebook app can benefit a hotel in two ways simultaneously. First, the sweepstakes can be a powerful fan generator, useful for adding to a hotel’s fan base. Secondly, it can be used to spur engagement and bookings with the hotel’s existing followers and guests.



Sweepstakes are easier to implement than other promotional types for both the hotel and its fans.  They’re very easy for the brand to set up and run, while presenting a lower level of entrance requirements for users. This is nothing more than basic registration and contact information is needed from participants. The disadvantages of offering a sweepstakes giveaway are the lack of user experience and real interaction. Fans are not very likely to share their participation and tell others about it, unless they win, which keeps the viral factor to a minimum with this promotion type. With the likely prize offerings however, hotels will always receive a large number of participants.


The Instant Win

Another promotional possibility to be considered is the instant win giveaway. This promotion offers users something many people are seeking, instant gratification. Due to the nature of this promotion, it is better suited to smaller scale, more numerous and less costly prizes than a sweepstakes promotion. Prizes can range from a free meal or drink to specialty services like a spa treatment. The instant win gives users the excitement and fun of anticipating their prize with a higher level of expectation. Just like the sweepstakes, it is easy to use for both brand and fan.

Both the sweepstakes and instant win promotions offer the hotel a relatively easy and less time consuming technique for driving fan base numbers, while giving something back to loyal guests as well.

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