Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hotel Marketing with Quizzes

A hotel quiz can be an exciting promotional tool that will challenge equally the new fan and the loyal returning guest. The experience is usually rich and memorable for both with this promotional type. Fans can show off their knowledge while the benefit to the hotel is acquiring useful information and marketing intelligence. However for the hotel, a quiz requires a time consuming set up to create questions and answers for this kind of promotion. 

The quiz can be set up to gain valuable knowledge about past guests and their experiences with your establishment and destination. Also, insight can be gained about potential future guests and their expectations, needs, wants, and desires. In exchange for participation, both new fans and past guests be can entered into a sweepstakes offering big prizes or smaller giveaways through an instant win type. Intelligence learned through a quiz can be used to segment customers into particular traveler types to better meet their expectations when they stay at the hotel.


One particular type of quiz that can be used to effectively accomplish customer segmentation is the personality test. Participants can answer questions about themselves and then be given travel and accommodation recommendations based on the results. This is fun for users who love to share their answers and see the answers of their friends, providing high levels of engagement. This is especially helpful in driving guest loyalty and repeat bookings. Brand awareness will receive a boost from the viral nature of such tests.

Another powerful quiz technique for a hotel is the fan poll. With a poll, you can learn even more about the likes and dislikes of the hotel’s fan base. Pictures and descriptions of destinations, points of interest at a specific destination, or even items from the hotel restaurant or bar make good subjects for a fan poll. Helpful feedback can gathered about the hotel and the guest experience. As an incentive to participation, prizes may be offered to randomly selected participants. A fan poll is not a particularly effective means to gaining new followers, but will be enjoyed by existing fans and will stir up brand engagement.

A hotel quiz is a promotional technique that offers the hotelier an opportunity to gain insight into their customer base and learn what guests are looking for in their travel experience.

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