Monday, July 14, 2014

Content Marketing for Hotels - Photo and Video Sharing

The hospitality industry is perfect for visually oriented content marketing. Its very nature lends itself to this type of hotel content sharing. The old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” really holds true for hoteliers and their customers. The rise of image-oriented social media sites like Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest has influenced a trend in all of social media toward visual content. Particularly for hotels, social media marketing has been transformed to visual hotel marketing. How can a hotel best leverage visual content? 


Here are some image-oriented hotel content tips for the hospitality industry:


  1. Show off your hotel and its surroundings at its best, in circumstances under your control. Let your followers feel your excitement about the amenities and comforts offered by your hotel. Make your passion for the hotel’s setting and location shine through in beautiful images and videos. Create a travelogue of the best your area and region have to offer the traveler.
  2. Ensure the quality of your images and video. Boring, badly framed or poorly lit pictures will not grab anyone’s attention. Neither will shaky, poorly edited videos. Don’t be intimidated. There are many photo-editing tools that are designed to be easily used by everyone. Instagram can be particularly helpful in the area of photo enhancement. Focus on your main subject and make sure it is framed large enough in the picture. Remember that the photo needs to inspire people to click on the thumbnail. Also, if your budget allows, you can always hand off the job to a professional.
  3. Be personable and highlight the people who make your hotel a pleasant place to spend some time. People forget names all the time, but usually remember a face. Show your audience that warm and friendly faces staff your hotel. This may help remind past guests of favorable memories that can inspire repeat hotel bookings.

The highly visual character of the hospitality industry can work heavily in a hotel’s favor. Compelling images and video can bring guests back to make hotel reservations again and again, while attracting new travelers to come and stay for a while.

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