Monday, July 28, 2014

Handling Online Hotel Reviews - More Best Practices and Tips

Don’t Make Return on Investment the Focus of Reputation Management
Return on investment should never be the focus of a hotel’s online reputation management efforts. The ROI for reputation management is difficult to measure at best and the direct rewards may not be seen for quite some time, maybe years in some cases. In the context of today’s online hotel reviews, reputation management is critical to the long-term success of the hotel property. However, short-term revenue gains cannot and should not be sought from managing the hotel’s online reputation.

Have an Active and Vibrant Social Media Presence
Opening business accounts for a hotel across a spectrum of social media networks is not where reputation management ends. Just merely being present on social channels is not enough to effectively manage a hotel’s reputation online. Be active by posting original quality content that is relevant to your audience on a consistent basis. Be vibrant by engaging your audience on every comment and post from followers.

Point Out Improvements
Hoteliers should never be reticent about pointing out areas of improvement made to the hotel property or services. Post a follow up with negative reviewers to show them, and others, how the review actually motivated the hotel to make positive changes and enhancements. Invite the reviewer to come back to the hotel to witness the improvements first hand and give the property a second chance. Nothing illustrates a hotel property that listens to their customers more than this approach.

Remain Professional
Always maintain a professional demeanor in both tone and language during all online customer interactions, especially with reviewers. Write in the voice you would use to speak with them, if they were physically present in your hotel. Never accuse a reviewer of writing a fake review or having a hidden agenda behind their comments. Proving your accusation will be difficult and can only put the hotel in a bad light in the end.

Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin
Don’t take on more social networks and review websites than you can effectively manage on a consistent basis. Setting up an online presence in a channel for which the hotel has neither the time nor resources to monitor for and respond to comments, while posting new content regularly, is a mistake. Nothing upsets the online community more than unresponsive websites, pages, or accounts. Doing so may cause irreparable harm to a hotels reputation.

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