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Hotel Marketing and Technology - Content Marketing for Hotels ? Using Blogs

Content marketing does not depend on a particular format, platform, or channel to get its message across to an audience, but rather is more like a marketing philosophy. It involves the communication of information to a valuable audience, instead of trying to sell them something. The goal of the content marketer is to stir up conversation about and engagement with an audience around the company’s specialty niche. That specialty can involve the products and/or services the business offers, but should never be about selling. Content marketing can utilize a variety platforms or formats, including blogs, social media, or video and photo sharing, but communication is always at the core of content marketing. In this and the next few parts in this series we will look at some content marketing ideas for hotel marketing within specific formats, starting with blogs.


Blog Content for Hotel Marketing

There is much fertile content that can be shared in a hotel marketing blog, without trying to directly sell the hotel to its audience. Just providing information about the area around the hotel’s location, presented in interesting ways, could fill up a hotel blog.

Here are some compelling content ideas for a hotel marketing blog:

  1. Travel tips and advice featuring local cuisine, sightseeing, transportation, customs, etc.
  2. Showcase the lifestyle offered by a stay at the hotel.
  3. Recount the local history and significant events from the region nearby.
  4. Activities available locally such as skiing, surfing, swimming, diving or snorkeling and more. Provide detailed information including directions and contact information.
  5. Money saving travel ideas for cost-conscious guests.
  6. Invite guests to share their travel stories and advice, humorous or otherwise.


These are just a few ideas of many. Use your imagination and be creative. What type of traveler frequents your hotel? Is it the business traveler, vacationer, young or retired? Hone in on the needs of your guests and the hotel marketing blog will be a success and become a revenue generator without beating people over the head with a sales pitch.

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