Friday, July 11, 2014

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Changes over time, particularly recently, to Google’s search algorithms have made search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for hotels much more difficult. No longer can hotel websites just stuff themselves full of industry keywords and hope to get by. Google is now penalizing sites that appear to be over-optimized. The intentions behind Google’s changes to their search rankings are actually noble. Google wants to reward websites that actually give their audience’s quality content, rather than robotic, useless hotel content without any merit for the user.

Yet high rankings in organic searches are vital for hotels. Research by has indicated that 53 percent of clicks from any organic search go to the first result listing. Number two only garners 15 percent, the third place only receives a dismal 9 percent, and it only gets worse from there. However, there is a strategy for good SEO that hotels can follow.



Quality Content

The best way to improve a hotel website’s search ranking is to create consistently compelling content that will be relevant, helpful, informative, and maybe even fun for readers and search engines. Hotel content that people will actually enjoy reading or viewing brings them back for more, driving the all-important back link engine. People love to travel and a hotel website can be a source of enjoyment and offer helpful information of importance to guests. If a hotel knows their guests and the surrounding locale, this should be relatively easy. Make sure it is rich with quality images, but always relevant.


Relevant Keywords

After you really understand your hotel, its place in your location, and the needs of your guests, then keywords relevant to prospective travelers can be added. Make the keywords descriptive with terminology that might be used by your guests. Be specific to the things that make your hotel, city, or region unique. Focus on the things that drive people to stay at your location.


Consider Google

Hotels should strongly consider Google as part of their social media hotel marketing strategy. First of all, Google makes the rankings and will give a boost to those hotel sites that use their social network.  Also, Google ’s features are geared toward location-based marketing within searches as part of Google Local.

There is not any simple and easy formula for better search ranking anymore. It will take hard work on a consistent basis for a hotel to stand above their competitors in SEO game.


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