Friday, July 4, 2014

Hotel Marketing and Technology - Mobile Devices And Hotel Booking


The expansion and adoption of mobile technology around the globe has offered the hospitality industry an opportunity to truly serve their guests and potential customers, who are increasingly spending their time on mobile devices. There are many ways hotels can leverage mobile to transform the guest experience, while improving efficiency in the day-to-day operations of hotels.





Mobile Devices and Hotel Booking

With mobile devices and a dedicated hotel app, guests can check-in at the hotel before entering the premises. This very convenient tool is a way of facilitating the process for guests. Mobile hotel apps can allow future guests to actually make their hotel reservation in advance via a mobile device. The guest may order various extra hotel services in advance as well.

If mobile hotel booking is being offered for smartphones in particular, it is important to remember that a booking system designed for a desktop is nearly impossible to use on a phone. A mobile designed and dedicated hotel app is required. The on-the-go nature of many travelers requires a simplified payment system. Customers should have the ability to enter credit card information ahead of time on the full website and then access the stored information via the mobile hotel website. This eliminates the tedious process for guests of entering credit card information on their devices.

All mobile hotel booking engines should have the capability of featuring all the up-to-date promotional information the hotel is currently offering. All special packages being offered at the time should be as equally accessible to mobile hotel website customers, as users of the full hotel website. But it is important to remember the nature of mobile booking as a last minute option for travelers and discounts should be kept within reason.

Hotels that have implemented a mobile hotel app for their customers have seen a rise in mobile hotel bookings and a resultant increase in revenue. The hotels that embrace the burgeoning world of mobile technology will reap the benefits of greater profitability resulting from meeting the needs of and satisfying their guests.

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