Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hotel Marketing and Technology - Social Media

In social media, content marketing is the norm, anything less is considered unacceptable. Any brand that engages in the hard sell without attempting to engage with their audience and communicate with them is doomed to failure in this medium. Since people are naturally interested in travel related items, providing an audience on social channels with compelling hotel marketing content should not be difficult.

Here are some content ideas for hotel marketing on social media:



  1. Converse and engage with your audience, particularly on Twitter. Just listen at first, and then join in the conversation. Ask questions and answer those that are posed to the hotel and do so quickly. Invite opinions and don’t be afraid to give some of your own. Be humorous and light-hearted. Travel is fun and don’t let your followers forget it.
  2. Hold contests, promotions, and giveaways. Make the audience feel the value of following your hotel on social media.
  3. Provide informative content to your followers. This can be in the form of helpful information about the local area to cooking tips from the head chef. Use your imagination. You know the demographics of your hotel guests. Use that information to reach out to them and tailor your social posts to their interests, wants, or needs.
  4. Encourage your fans to share their stories, photos, and most of all testimonials. The experiences of your hotel’s past guests give others compelling reasons to book a hotel stay at your establishment.
  5. Don’t beat them with sales pitches, but give them the ability to book when they are ready. Your hotel Facebook page must have a booking engine and offer the audience the opportunity to see rooms, rates, and availability. This is essential to converting a fan or follower into a paying guest. Hotel specific Facebook hotel apps are available to make this a smooth and easy transaction.


The hotel’s social media sites should be a fun place for travelers to plan their future stays and relive trips from past while they dream of the next trip.


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