Monday, July 7, 2014

Hotel Marketing With Coupons

Hotel Coupons

The last promotional type to be examined in this series is the hotel coupon, more specifically online coupons offered by hotels. These are best offered around some form of hotel service, rather than discounted rates. This is so as to reduce downward pressure on a hotel’s rate structure. Hotel coupons can be an effective tool to reward past guests and encourage them to book again, as well as entice new customers to come stay at your hotel.


Facebook apps used for coupon generation need to have several features at a minimum for a campaign to be truly effective. The app must be capable of generating brand-customized coupons with detailed offer information and contain QR codes, while providing the hotel with detailed participant information and qualifications. These app features are necessary for running a successful coupon marketing campaign.

Coupon discount ideas for a hotel, in place of discounting rates, should center around products or special services provided by the hotel over and above the room rate. For example, complimentary drink from the hotel bar or breakfast in the restaurant. If the hotel charges guests for parking, offer free parking with a coupon. Discount percentages can be offered for hotel specialty services, such as a spa visit or golf round. Use coupons to drive Facebook fan numbers by offering coupons to guests who scan a QR code with their mobile device and like the page. Coupons can be creatively used to steer guests in profitable directions for the hotel and convert shoppers into paying guests. Just as with the other promotional types, make sure the coupon is embedded in the hotel’s website and optimized for mobile. As mentioned in part one of this series, an example of an easy to use and cost effective app that meets the necessary criteria, is OnFast. This highly effective tool is available at

The hospitality industry actually has a significant advantage over some other industries. Hotels can offer in their promotional campaigns extremely desirous products and services to the public. A properly set up, regulated, and monitored promotion offering is a useful tool for leveraging guests and prospects. A carefully strategized combination of all types of online promotions including contests, sweepstakes, quizzes, and coupons could be a powerful revenue engine for any hotel.

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