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The Role Of Images In Hotel Conversion


The Role Of Images In Hotel Conversion


The highly visual nature of the hospitality industry makes it imperative for hotel websites to feature high quality images of their properties throughout the site. Beyond merely showcasing the hotel’s property, these images can determine whether a website visitor converts into a paying hotel guest or books their hotel stay elsewhere. It is crucial for hotel website images to convey to users a sense of the guest experience at the properties that keeps them engaged with the brand. At the same time, these images must steer the website user to the appropriate calls to action and lead them to book their stay using the brand’s own internet booking engine. This can be accomplished in several ways.


Showcase The Hotel Property      


Show off the hotel with large high quality images, which draw the viewer into feeling they are part of the scene. The hotel “product” is what users need to see most in images. Potential hotel guests want to see what they are getting for their money before they commit to booking. A 2013 study by VFM Leonardo uncovered what hotel images are most important and useful to travelers in making their booking decisions, listed in order:


  1. Guest Rooms                                    6. Business Center

  2. Restaurant                                        7. Pool

  3. Recreation                                        8. Amenities

  4. Lobby                                               9. Exterior

  5. Map of Location                              10. Bar/Lounge

Hotel website images must include these items to give users what they need in order for them to make informed travel arrangements. Be sure to make images the appropriate size for the device being used, so users won’t have to strain to see them.The images should always feature real people, doing real things. Stock, canned images will not instill trust and build credibility in the minds of potential guests and website users.


Images Can Direct The Gaze Of Users

Carefully chosen and strategically placed photos can be used to steer users directly to calls to action for booking engines. Include images with people as the subject, preferably with their eye line facing toward the desired content. Arrows can be used as well, but are much less subtle. Since people can’t help but look in the direction others are gazing, this is a sub-conscious technique that is quite effective. Colors can also play a role in directing the actions of website users. For example, certain colors can convey to viewers a sense of trustworthiness, such as orange. Other colors, most effectively red, are attention grabbers and will draw people’s eyes directly.

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