Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cloud Computing For The Hospitality Industry - 2

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Hoteliers

Cloud computing is the future of all business data management, especially in the hospitality industry. The hotel sector cannot allow itself to be left by the wayside of commerce as new beneficial technologies emerge. There has been a growing acceptance and adoption of cloud computing solutions within the industry, however some degree of resistance still exists. Whether it is due to organizational resistance to change or cost concerns, the cloud offers considerable benefits at lower cost to be leveraged by hotels in the process of their planned growth.


1 - Cost 

Cloud computing services are usually provided on an as needed basis, resulting in lower initial investments and reduced costs over time. The client pays for only the required amount of power and storage. Additional servers and staff are also not needed, further reducing both start up and long-term costs.


2 - Time

When a client signs up for cloud computing services there isn’t any deployment lag time, as the software is ready at the outset. Since data is stored remotely in the cloud, time consuming tasks such manual backups and system updates are no longer necessary. The cloud provider is responsible for software updates and infrastructure capacity, thus data won’t be lost in event of a computer failure as information is automatically backed up.


3 - Accessibility

Users can access cloud software from anywhere, using any device with an Internet connection, including mobile phone, tablet, or a laptop. This empowers owners or management, for example, to keep tabs on their properties from wherever they are. Also, cloud software is designed for the level of the end-user, eliminating the need for technical proficiency to access data.


4 - Security

Despite some opinions to the contrary, data outsourced and stored with a provider in the cloud is safer than it would be on a local server. The provider who is always vigilant, and protects vital data for clients can easily manage varying levels of access to information. Data is safe from physical harm as well with robust off-site redundancy.

As an added benefit, cloud computing services are friendlier to our environment than conventional, locally hosted servers. Since servers in the cloud are shared by multiple users, less energy is consumed. This reduces the carbon footprint for hoteliers who wish to go green. The benefits for hotels to move their data to the cloud are clearly abundant.

In the last part of this series, we will see the cloud in action with specific cloud applications for hospitality.


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