Friday, September 5, 2014

Cloud Computing For The Hospitality Industry - 3

Hospitality Applications For Cloud Computing


Cloud computing truly is the future of data management for the hospitality industry, with many opportunities for hoteliers to leverage. The benefits of a cloud based central reservation system are quite clear, but there are a number of other practical applications for cloud driven hotel systems. Many of the opportunities afforded hoteliers by cloud technology are centered on improving the hotel experience for their guests.


1 - Personalization of Service

Cloud computing can help facilitate at a low cost, greater levels of personalized service for hotel guests. Individual preferences, likes and dislikes on everything from dietary needs and allergies to pillow preferences can be better managed from the cloud. Special offers and promotions built around a guest’s passion for fishing, for example, can be tracked with offers being sent to particular past guests at just the right season. These are but a few ideas of personalized customer service which can be better managed from the cloud.


2 - Connection with Guests

It is expected that by 2015 over 80 percent of mobile phones will be smartphones. Travelers are increasingly booking their hotel stays via mobile devices as well. When staying at a hotel, guests expect excellent Wi-Fi connections for all of their mobile devices and laptops. A cloud driven central reservation system gives hotels the platform to best leverage today’s traveler, who is routinely connected to the Internet.

The cloud also gives hotels the ability to better stay connected with customers, even when they are not on hotel property. Mobile concierge being one prime example. Also, cloud technology gives hoteliers the capability to effectively forge partnerships with companies which provide transportation, entertainment, recreation and other services to their guests.


3 - Hotel Operations

The day-to-day operations of hotels can also be more effectively managed from the cloud. Property maintenance, tracking and ordering of hotel inventory, and human resources can all be administered through cloud technology. Many points of daily interaction between hotel staff and guests can be conducted via cloud technology. Guests can easily order meals from the hotel restaurant or room service, make appointments at the spa, or get a tee time on the golf course. Guests can easily access any number of hotel amenities or services through their mobile devices and computers.

Ultimately, it is lowered costs and increased efficiency that is driving the hospitality migration to cloud technology. Storing, maintaining, and accessing data through the cloud offers hoteliers significant savings, while improving the levels of customer service offered to their guests.

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