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Collecting Hotel Guest Feedback - 2

Study Provides Some Solid Answers For Hoteliers

The difficulties in the process of gathering past guest hotel feedback is well known throughout the hospitality industry. A study directed by Software Advice has compiled some useful figures around the most effective means for hotels to collect the necessary data from their guests. This part two is the continuation of their report findings.


Women More Likely Than Men to Offer Feedback

By the margin 59 to 41 percent, women are more likely than men to provide feedback to hotels regarding their stay. The importance of women for hoteliers is further illustrated in another study, this one commissioned by the Journal of Consumer Research, which found that women are also more likely to report bad service as compared to men.


Source: Software Advice



Online and Paper Surveys Most Preferred Feedback Methods

By a 41 percent majority, guest’s preferred method of completing a hotel survey is one sent via email and completed online. Following at 32 percent are those who would like to fill out a paper form that has been left in their room. The preference of 22 percent would be to complete the form on a tablet at the front desk at check out time. Only 5 percent would like to complete a form on a mobile app. The most likely reason for the wide disparity in responses to this question is due to age differences.


Credit for Food or Drinks Is Top-Preferred Incentive

As an incentive to completing guest feedback forms, respondents would prefer to receive credit for food and drinks at the hotel. This at the rate of nearly half, at 46 percent. Other alternative options were very nearly evenly split. Hotel loyalty points at 22 percent, entry into a prize drawing at 17 percent, and a donation to charity coming in last at 15 percent. If it is deemed necessary to offer incentives to gain feedback, the prize drawing option is the best choice for hoteliers as it gives away the least value.


Highly Satisfied and Unsatisfied Guests Likely to Give Feedback


Both extremes of satisfaction level are more likely to share their experience with hoteliers. Each group is extremely likely to, at 39-40 percent. A quarter to nearly one-third are moderately likely at 28-29 percent. Emotions are driving these numbers and can also skew results for hotel feedback research. The guests whose opinions lie between highly satisfied or unsatisfied generally provide the most reliable feedback about their hotel stay.


Source: Software Advice

The major takeaways from this research appear to be that it is most beneficial for hoteliers to request feedback from their guests either during or soon after the hotel stay is completed. Hotels should try to avoid offering incentives for guests to provide their feedback, especially at the expense of value. Lastly, good results can be gained by offering guests on-site feedback access points utilizing paper forms or a tablet format computer.


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