Thursday, October 16, 2014

Website Design For Independent Hotels - 3

When potential hotel guests find the website of an independent hotel for a location they are interested in staying, it would be a shame if they were driven away by a clunky, outdated website that is nothing more than an old fashioned travel brochure. The usability of a hotel website can be the decisive factor in determining its success. Travelers have come to expect user friendly websites for the planning and booking of their hotel accommodations, and have little patience for sites that don’t meet their needs in short order. High expectations are also extended to the appearance of hotel websites from an aesthetic perspective as well.

Mobile technology and its rate of usage by the traveling public have skyrocketed in just the last few years. Internet users demand and expect to have the ability to view and effectively use websites from any type of device with access to the web. This means an independent hotel needs to ensure that their website not only looks good, but functions well whether the user is viewing it from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
The answer to this situation for website designers lies in what is called responsive design. Websites utilizing responsive design can detect and then conform to the device or browser of the user’s choosing. An independent hotel website that does not look and function properly across the wide spectrum of devices and formats will give up potential revenue when customers are driven to book their hotel elsewhere.

Visually Engaging
Many of the types of potential hotel guests that would be likely to book a stay at an independently owned and operated hotel, make those decisions based on an emotional response. Independent hotels should tap into that potential to the fullest by giving the customer what they seeking - a visually emotional experience.
Website users should be engaged with high quality and resolution images that are pleasing to the eye in an artistic manner. Use professional photography to capture all that is appealing and outstanding about the hotel property, its surroundings, and amenities. Make sure all the various rooms and suites by price are attractively presented in the hotel website booking engine. Also maintain a consistent brand image across all website pages and through the entire process of booking the hotel to completion.

Independent hotels are in a unique position of being a truly local hotel brand in their respective communities. Using that position as leverage to gaining market share and keeping pace with the large hotel chains should be their forte.

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