Friday, November 7, 2014

Disruptive Technologies And The Hospitality Industry - 3

Disruptions Yet To Come For Hospitality

The wave of disruptively transformative forces carrying the hospitality industry into the future shows no sign of breaking anytime soon. The industry, generally speaking, is holding on to antiquated legacy central reservation systems and still relying on locally stored data infrastructures, with their attendant high costs in hardware, maintenance, and staff. Cloud-based systems featuring all the functionality required by hotels to successfully operate are available to the industry at present and going forward. These systems are hosted entirely in the cloud and require very little in the way of dedicated hardware. They also feature lightning fast response times while offering immense scalability.


The Next Disruption

Above Property, based in Naples, FL, is one of those on the edge hospitality technology companies moving the industry forward.  They have taken the traditional monolithic central reservation system and have distributed it across multiple data centers as well as cloud providers.  The Above Property platform is a multi-cloud always-on distributed reservation system.  The result of this innovation is a platform of unparalleled speed, scalability, and cost savings.  The requirement of third party license fees, traditional disaster recovery, and owned data centers are no longer required. The platform also has modern features such as real-time revenue management, dashboard, alerts, and notifications. A mobile-first approach that includes responsive design allows for productive access on any device at any time. As hotels accept and adopt this technology, their focus can be on their business versus being held captive by today’s 25-year-old to 49-year-old technology.


Disruption’s Curve - PhoCusWright

The annual PhoCusWright conference will be held on November 11-13 in Los Angeles, CA.  The theme of this year’s conference is Disruption’s Curve.  While many other industry verticals have adopted new technologies over the past several years, the consensus is the time has come for the travel industry.  Above Property along with 31 other innovators will be participating and competing in the PhoCusWright Innovation Summit.  Each participant is looking to bring disruption and forward progress to the travel industry.  

Representing Above Property and speaking at the conference will be noted hospitality technology authority, Aaron Shepherd, the company CEO. Aaron brings over thirty years of expertise to AboveProperty as a recognized industry innovator.  Legacy based central reservation systems is clearly an area where innovation is required.  Above Property is answering that call and leading the way to an open transaction grid that will bring a level of speed, reliability and cost savings never before seen by hoteliers.

As the hospitality industry progresses further through the 21st Century, these disruptive technologies will gain traction and eventually become standard operating procedure. Yet innovation never ceases as long as forward thinking people, at companies like Above Property and individuals as well, are willing to realize their dreams of disrupting the technological status quo by challenging our world with bold new innovations.

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