Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Social Media For The Hospitality Industry - 3

More Methods for Hotels to Leverage Social Media


1. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on social media networks and review websites can become an opportunity for hotels to really shine, if handled properly. Hotels must diligently monitor online channels for reviews and commentary regarding their property. All must be responded to as there is potential for grave damage to a hotel’s reputation in not responding. But the real opportunity lies in the response from a hotel to a review, particularly if negative.

If handled professionally, without becoming overly defensive, a negative review can showcase excellent customer service. After apologizing to the reviewer and thanking them, explain how the situation will never happen again, and then point out the measures being taken to ensure a positive outcome. By following these steps, hotels can turn a negative review upside down. Additionally, hotels benefit from the unprecedented level of customer feedback available to them from such reviews.


2. User Generated Content

By giving guests the forum to share their own content about their time at a hotel property, hoteliers accomplish several things. Hotel content can be self-generating to some degree and relationships are built between customer and brand, leading to a deeper level of brand loyalty. User generated content, especially in the form of pictures and videos, has tremendous value to the hotel. It can clearly be utilized in such a way to drive hotel lodging sales. The content can be moderated in the form of a contest, with winners receiving a prize in exchange for allowing hotel usage of their images. This is another driving force of customer loyalty.


3. Videos and Pictures

The online and social media world is becoming increasingly visually oriented. This is probably a reflection of our 21st century society’s rapidly decreasing attention span. Hotels can leverage these trends however by sharing a larger degree of visual content in the form of both videos and pictures. Videos must be kept brief and on point, only 15 seconds is allowed on Instagram for example, in line with the user’s attention. High quality images of the hotel, its surroundings, and guests savoring its comforts can become compelling selling points to potential guests.

Social media should be viewed by hoteliers as a tool for building relationships with their customers through online engagement. If utilized properly, social networks can instill brand loyalty in their hotel’s guests and prospects. Something which is exceedingly difficult to measure strictly in return on investment terms.

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