Friday, December 12, 2014

Hotel Social Media Strategy - 4

Creating content for and engaging with your hotel brand’s fans and followers is the real business of social media marketing for hoteliers. This should never be considered a chore, and can be fun and enjoyable for the individual or staff members that manage the hotel’s various social media accounts.  


Creating Engaging Content

The whole point of posting information to the hotel’s social media pages is to stir up conversation about the hotel brand. By recalling the audience targeting information previously gathered regarding the hotel brand’s social media followers, posts could be specifically tailored to them. The emphasis should be on original content that uniquely invokes emotions in the audience because it is centered on what they find interesting. The tone of voice used in the text writing should be of a more friendly nature than found on the hotel website. Remember social media is conversational.

Social media has become increasingly visually oriented in recent years. The hotel’s posts need to reflect this reality. Both high quality images and compelling video will grab and hold the audience’s attention. Even when a certain post needs to be text oriented, be sure to include a picture whenever possible. Always make posts relevant to the present and future as well. Images selected for postings and all text should be a reflection of current events at the hotel. Talk about what guests will experience now when they choose to book a stay with you.

Remember that social media is not the proper place for blatant, in-your-face promotion. The hotel guest and what is important to them should always be the central theme of the hotel’s social media postings. This is why it is so essential to truly understand the people who come to stay at your establishment. The main objective of social media content is to get people who love your hotel to share their experiences and engage with not only you, but others as well. Sparking conversation with and between fans and followers of your hotel brand is the intended goal of a social post.

Ideas for hotel social media content are only limited by your imagination. A few suggestions that work well for stimulating engagement:


  • Contests, particularly photo contests which can provide valuable hotel/destination imagery.
  • Asking opinion questions of hotel fans and followers. For example, favorite restaurants, sightseeing, attractions, etc. in the local area.
  • Upcoming hotel or local event announcements.
  • Special offers and promotions for fans and followers.


There are many more ideas for hotel social media content that can respond to the likes, wants, needs, and interests of any hotel’s clientele as long as they are truly understood by hoteliers.



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