Monday, December 15, 2014

Mobile Apps For Hotels

The best web design solution for any hotel or chain to the mobile technology explosion, and its impact on the hospitality industry, depends on a number of factors. Responsive web design is the solution which probably works best for most hotels, covering most issues encountered by mobile users of hotel websites. But may not be the best or only solution for all hoteliers. Creating a mobile specific website or a native mobile application may be great substitutes or supplements to the responsive design website. 

In the case of the mobile app, this is often a valuable addition to other solutions. A mobile hotel app can be used to build up customer relations and loyalty through improved delivery of services to hotel guests. The dedicated hotel app can also drive repeat direct bookings from already satisfied and loyal past guests.


Customer Service

Most hotel apps provide the functionality to search for and book a room, some even allow users to track and manage their rewards points. But a few hotels are now beginning to utilize native hotel apps in any number of creative ways to improve the guest experience on their properties. Apps can offer hotels a platform from which to transform the means of communication and interaction between the hotel and their guests, particularly while they are on-property, but off-property as well. 

The hotel guest experience can be truly enhanced going forward with app features such as hotel check-in and out from the guest’s smartphone, while also using it to access their room in place of an actual key. Hotel services, like room service, can be ordered on some apps, as can amenities such as spa services along with in-app bill paying. One of the most popular hotel app services being offered by some hotels is virtual concierge service. Travelers can not only view maps and get directions to points of interest in the surrounding area, but can be provided with tips and advice as well. Other possible future services on the horizon include controlling the room TV and syncing it and the guest’s smartphones with streaming services for movies and other entertainment.


Direct Bookings

All of these unique uses for hotel apps can greatly further hoteliers’ efforts to improve customer hotel brand loyalty. Hotel apps can become an important driver of hotel bookings, both directly and indirectly. The past guests who are both satisfied and loyal will leave positive reviews and feedback regarding their stays, which in turn will bring more prospects to consider booking the hotel. Those past guests, already having the app on their phone, will be that much more likely to book a return stay in the future. 

Native hotel mobile apps are just in the early stages of their development, with many more possibilities yet to be explored. Imaginatively created apps in the future will increasingly be an effective tool for driving up hotel revenues through better customer satisfaction. 

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