Monday, January 19, 2015

The Health And Wellness Trend In Hospitality - Fitness

One of the main themes running through the hospitality industry is the increased focus on the health and wellness of hotel guests. And this trend is clearly customer driven, stemming from the population at large seeking to live healthier lives through a number of means, including carefully considering everything they put into their bodies. Another way the public is improving their health and quality of life is through exercising more regularly, and with increased intensity. Travelers are looking to keep up with their daily fitness routines wherever they may be and expect hotels to provide the facilities they require.



The fitness aspect of the hotel health and wellness movement entails so much more than merely the provision of exercise facilities. Gyms in many hotel properties are growing in both size and scope, while staying open 24 hours everyday. Equipment available to guests in some hotel properties rivals the best of commercial gyms. It does not matter what type of workout routine the guest follows, the equipment can be found in the increasingly better equipped hotel gyms. 


Some hotels, however are taking the fitness needs of their guests to whole new levels of fulfillment. Loaner equipment such as, bicycles, pedometers, and other workout related gear are being offered free of charge. Classes are being conducted by professionals in their respective fields at numerous hotels. These fitness experts are being utilized by hoteliers to coach their customers in the finer points of exercise, nutrition, and healthier living. These classes have even begun to include popular choices like yoga, Pilates, and the growing sport of spinning or indoor cycling.

All the great fitness programs going on at local hotels, in a myriad of locations, is even creating a new revenue stream for hoteliers. Locals are flocking in droves to nearby hotels offering these programs and paying upwards of $40 or more to take part in the fitness classes. Of course, hotel guests attend free of charge, but the numbers of non-guest attendees is significant enough to offset the cost of the fitness class offerings.

These hotel fitness programs provide hoteliers with a win-win opportunity to not only increase the customer satisfaction levels, driving increased revenue as a result. Hoteliers also gain a real connection with their surrounding communities through non-guest participation.  

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