Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Health And Wellness Trend In Hospitality - Sustainability

The ongoing trend toward hotels focusing on the health and wellness of their guests goes beyond meeting their personal needs, but doing so while operating in a sustainable way. For a growing number of hotels, this is reflected in a general philosophy of care, concern, and action going forward, about the Earth and it’s environment. More specifically, in regards to conserving precious natural resources while leaving behind a minimal footprint and becoming responsible corporate citizens of the planet.

As our society increasingly embraces green initiatives, the traveling public is correspondingly expecting the hotels they stay with to adopt them. Hotel guests are also showing their inclination to cooperate and do their part in making their contribution to sustainability. Because of this, it is in the best interest for hotels to get onboard with implementing environmentally friendly changes, both in policies and facilities. But there are clear-cut cost saving benefits to be found for hoteliers in their adoption as well.

Nearly every aspect of hotel operations, and the physical property itself, can be made more efficient and sustainable. Making the hotel operate with greater efficiency will no doubt increase profits in the long view, but there can also be short term impacts gained in the hotel’s bottom line. A partial list of changes any hotel can implement to operate more in tune with the environment, and in a sustainable way could include:


Energy Efficiency

Any hotel sustainability solutions involve either the hotel property or the guest, and sometimes both, to bring the initiative to fruition. Hotels can make the investment in new lighting and bulbs which are more energy efficient. Posting signage asking guests to turn off unnecessary lights, television, air conditioning, and when leaving a room; can make a difference in energy savings as well. This can make hotel guests feel that they are participating in hotel’s sustainability measures.


Water Consumption

There is much that any hotel can do to reduce the amount water that they waste. Hotels in the course of daily operations, along with their guests, consume large quantities of water. The property can change out shower heads and toilets to low flow designs. Additionally, the hotel can install faucet aerators in sinks to reduce water consumption by their guests as well.

Hotel laundry is an area of operations where much change can be implemented in the name of conservation. Hotels should instruct housekeeping staff to only change sheets and towels when necessary. Guests should be encouraged to only require laundry change on an as-needed basis. Linen reuse initiatives can produce compelling results for hotel water conservation programs.


Waste Elimination

Hotels and their guests generate immense volumes of trash. Reductions in the amounts produced can begin with the hotel property and how it conducts business. All unnecessary and redundant paperwork should be eliminated, streamlining guest procedures in the process. Staff should be required, and guests should be encouraged to follow all trash recycling guidelines. Furthermore, waste water can be made safer by utilizing only bio degradable cleaning products.

An eco-friendly hotel will see revenues rise through cost saving green initiatives. To the traveling public, sustainably operated hotels enjoy excellent guest relations, leading to return bookings from satisfied customers.  

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