Friday, January 16, 2015

The Health & Wellness Trend In Hospitality - Food

One of the ongoing trends in the hospitality industry, one likely to have a major transformative influence over the course of the years to come, is the burgeoning emphasis by hoteliers on the health and wellness of their hotel guests. Many consumers today, generally speaking, are making changes to their diets, exercising more, and attempting to live healthy, sustainable lives in greater harmony with the environment. As a result, they have shifting needs and a whole new set of expectations from the hotels they choose to stay with. The goal for hoteliers is to try and meet those evolving lifestyle needs and expectations while their guests are on the hotel property.



Food, travel, and hotel stays have naturally always been inseparable. Many hotels that offer in-house restaurants, both independent hotels and chains, are taking a cue from their customer’s expectations and changing menus to include healthier food choices. The demand for freshly prepared organic food, combined with the necessity for some individuals to have very particular diets such as, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan, has further driven many hotels to make restaurant menu changes. Some are even going so far as to completely eliminate unhealthy food from the premises. However, many hoteliers will find that their most popular food items may remain quick and easy choices, like the ubiquitous burger.

Its not just hotel restaurant menu choices that are evolving, guests are expecting the accommodation of their dietary needs to include hotel vending machines as well. In particular, the business traveler, possibly arriving late and hungry, would rather not compromise their eating habits, if at all possible. Packaged salads, healthy nuts, yogurts, and organic juices, for example, can be dispensed from a vending machine just as easily as sodas, chips, and candy.

In addition to demanding healthier food choices, travelers are increasingly looking at and seeking travel to destinations for the cuisine. This phenomenon has grown largely due to the popularity of television shows featuring celebrity chefs and food shows that celebrate local dishes around the world or across America. So-called “foodies” are now the mainstream and many will plan their vacations accordingly. Smart hotels, in the lead on this trend, are capitalizing by offering food as a celebration of their locale. Hotel restaurant choices can reflect the region and offer locally grown food and favorite local recipes. Some take cuisine travel even further by presenting cooking classes conducted by famous or locally renowned chefs.

Travelers are now thinking much more about the food they put in their bodies. Hoteliers can best leverage the eating habits of their guests by offering their customers what they are now both expecting and demanding. 

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