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Hospitality News For The Week Of 2/27/15

Booking Flights And Hotels: Online Agents Or Direct? - New York Times


Change is coming to the travel industry in the form of travelers becoming more likely to trust booking flights and hotels directly with the brand itself, rather than through OTA’s. This is reflected in the consolidation taking place among online travel agents. Expedia has been buying up their competitors the last few years, most recently Orbitz. Travelers are looking for more than merely good prices when planning their business trips and vacations, with customers increasingly booking on brand websites to gain various perks and loyalty rewards. Full Story Here:


STR: US results for week ending 21 February


The U.S. hotel industry continues its gains seen so far in this new year. For the week ending February 21, the industry’s key indicators were up across the board. Over the same period last year, occupancy was up .4 percent reaching 64 percent. Average daily rate climbed by 5.7 percent, ending at $117.60. Meanwhile, revenue per available room increased 6.2 percent attaining $75.26.  Full Story Here:


5 Things To Know About U.S. January Performance Data


Overall, the hotel industry is doing considerably well in 2015, thus far. The year kicked off with January seeing revenue per available room rising by 8.6 percent, boosted by average daily rate growing by 4.3 percent. These figures have risen for 59 months consecutively, with another projected 23 months of growth yet to come. The 54.4 percent occupancy rate for the month is the highest ever for a January. Full Story Here:


Orbitz/Expedia Deal Could Be Bad News For Hospitality Industry, Hopes For Its Agency Model


The recent announcement that Expedia is acquiring its competitor Orbitz may have a negative impact on the hospitality industry. With shrinking competition for the online travel agent giant Expedia, hotels may be forced into accepting less favorable terms in negotiations with OTA’s. This would drive down profit margins and in turn revenue for hotel chains. Full Story Here:



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