Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hospitality News For The Week Of 2/6/15

Japan will open world’s first hotel entirely operated by robots this summer

The world’s first hotel staffed by robots is set to open on July 17 in Sasebo, Japan. In an effort to reduce costs and increase efficiency, robots will be utilized in labor intensive rolls such as housekeeping, porters, and front desk staff. The goal for this hotel is to have nearly 90 percent of all the hotel staffing requirements filled by androids in the future. The property will feature other cutting edge technology as well. Guests will not need room keys, since the hotel will have facial recognition technology to allow room access. Full Story Here:


$7.3 billion wasted annually on Wi-Fi and roaming charges

Travel expenses of business travelers across the U.S. are driven up and efficiency is reduced significantly by the high Wi-Fi charges and poor connections provided by hotels. Some hotel properties charge up to $26 for a day’s worth of Internet connection. Many business travelers have needed to forego important meetings, missed deadlines, and been impacted personally by significant lack of family contact as a result of the situation. Some hotels are leading the move to change by offering free high speed connections to their customers. Full Story Here:


Low Oil Prices: Upside Potential for the Lodging Industry 

The recent downward pressure on oil prices should create a significant upward trend for the lodging industry in the U.S. PKF Hospitality Research has predicted room rates will continue to increase for the fifth consecutive year. Figures also indicate growth in profitability of over double digits again in 2015. Most of the country will benefit from the slide in wholesale oil prices, with the exception of the oil producing central U.S. Full Story Here:


February Profits Per Room Rise 1.7% For U.S. Hoteliers

Figures released by trivago hotel price indices, indicate that hotel rates across 25 popular destinations in the U.S. are $179.18 in February, rising from $170.96 the previous month. Over the previous year average daily rate is ahead by 3.8 percent. Last month that figure was only 3.2 percent. Predictions are for the U.S. online room rates to rise by 5.1 percent during the course of 2015. Full Story Here:


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