Friday, March 27, 2015

Hospitality News For The Week Of 3/27/15

STR: US hotel results for week ending 21 March

Continuing to show growth over the same period last year, the U.S. hotel industry notched higher numbers again for the week of 15-21 March 2015. Industry wide occupancy was up by 3.2 percent, reaching 69.3 percent. Average daily rate rose by 6.6 percent to end the period at $122.46. Revenue per available room gained 10.0 percent, ending the week at $84.89. Full Story Here:


Luxury market faces a drought as affluents choose conscious consumption, rather than conspicuous brands.

According to a new study published by Unity Marketing, affluent Americans are retaining some of the frugality they practiced during the recession, despite the reality of the U.S. economic recovery in the post-recession period. The survey is called Marketing in New Luxury Style in 2015: What Affluents Buy, How They Spend, Where They Shop & How They Feel about their Wealth & Finances. The survey of 1,200 high-income consumers indicated a lower level of affluent consumer confidence, in what Unity Marketing calls, ‘luxury drought’. Full Story Here:


Millennials bring change to hotel industry

In an effort to earn the patronage of millennials, hotels are transforming the industry for all travelers. Millennials are generating change in the form of hip, boutique hotels featuring smaller rooms loaded with high tech amenities. Lounges are becoming places for social interaction, while connecting to Wi-Fi. These changes are in turn influencing travelers from other age groups who are now looking for these amenities themselves. Full Story Here:


Responsive reigns in hotel mobile Web design

For hotels that are attempting to open up their website’s functionality to users of all platforms, responsive web design has clearly become the best choice for hotel websites. However, larger hotel chains may better benefit from adaptive designs because of their content-rich websites featuring large images and large amounts of information that may be compromised on a responsive website. Despite this, responsive design appears to be the new standard. Full Story Here:


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