Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cognitive Computing

Travel and Cognitive Computing

Recently, Above Property attended the HTNG (Hotel Technology Next Generation) North American Conference in San Antonio, TX.  One of the keynote sessions was on the subject of cognitive computing, presented by Terry Jones from WayBlazer.  The goal of WayBlazer is to provide contextual and personalized travel advice leveraging IBM’s Watson cognitive technology.


Travel Search Is Going Places

The ability to apply cognitive computing to travel offers tremendous opportunities.  Having a system offer travel recommendations that are both personalized and contextually accurate will have a significant effect on both business and leisure travel.  During the presentation, current technology and travel sites were discussed and it was clear how today’s solutions fall short of optimal results.  Machine learning was also another concept discussed.  Unlike most computers, Watson gets better with time as it continues to learn with every interaction.


Understanding Me

The big take away is that the future of travel search will understand each individual within context, thus Me.  Being able to describe what we like and don’t like, when we want to go and with who we are going with, and how we want to get there; will change the current status quo of enter “date of travel”.  I am optimistic companies such as WayBlazer will help move the industry forward in the area of travel search.  This is similar to Above Property’s position of moving reservations systems forward with our Distributed Reservations System (DRS).

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