Thursday, April 2, 2015

Common Hospitality Acronyms


There are many abbreviated terms that pop up in articles, blogs and on websites associated with the hospitality industry. Many of us don’t know or know very little about these abbreviated terms. Listed below are some common acronyms with their descriptions that occur in the hospitality industry.


ADR (Average Daily Rate) A formula hotels use, which is derived by dividing the hotels daily revenue by the total number of rooms sold.


ALOS (Average Length of Stay) A formula hotels use, which is derived by dividing the number of room nights by the number of bookings.


BAR (Best Available Rate) The lowest available non-restricted rate offered to all guests at a given time. The rate can change as much as several times a day.


CRS (Central Reservation System) The application used to manage hotel’s distribution and their room bookings. Usually used to contact guests through multiple distribution channels, for example travel agencies (GDS); online travel, for example Expedia or Travelocity; the hotel website; by phone through a call center, or hotel property.


DRS (Distributed Reservation System) The heart of our system, the Above Property DRS, is a modern distribution platform suitable for the most complex properties, brands, and chains. The system has been architected from the ground up with the mandates to be the fastest CRS on the planet; leverage cloud technology; reduce the dependency on expensive database platforms; make user interfaces device agnostic; create user personas so that the user experience is based on the need of the user; have analytics, metrics, and feedback available in real time; provide the tools to grow the most profitable channels; architected for change.


ED (Electronic Distribution) Electronic channels of distribution, which include GDS, Online Travel Agencies, and Booking engines. They are accessed through the Internet, an intranet or an interfaced connection.


GDS (Global Distribution System) A comprehensive travel shopping and reservation platform, such as Sabre, Amadeus, Galileo and Worldspan which offers the platform to travel agents around the world. The agents us one of the systems to book travel plans, such as air, car or hotel for their customers. Sometimes, online travel agents use the GDSs to power their site content.


IBE (Internet Booking Engine) An application, which helps the travel industry book reservations over the Internet. It allows customers and guests to make hotel reservations or book flights generally from one screen.


PMS (Property Management System) A hotel onsite property system, which controls checking in or out of the hotel, guest profiles, room updates, and requests. PMSs are usually interfaced with the hotels central reservation system.


RMO (Revenue Management Optimization) An application of analytics that forecast consumer, past and future behavior, and manage inventory availability and pricing to maximize/optimize revenue growth.


SID (Subscriber Identification Code) Subscriber ID, which is used to identify a travel agency with a GDS.


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