Monday, April 20, 2015

Just Like Rosie from the Jetsons

Recently, Above Property attended the HTNG (Hotel Technology Next Generation) North American Conference in San Antonio, TX.  One of the keynote sessions was on the subject of robotics, presented by Steve Cousins, CEO, Savioke.  (

Recently in the news, there is a hotel in Japan that plans on using humanoid robots at the front desk.  (

This is not what the session was about.  It was about the practical use of robots for hotel operations.  


Bring Me Some Fresh Towels

The example discussed to leverage such robots was to assist hotel operations.  The robot has the ability to carry a small payload and is fully capable of traversing the entire hotel.  When the robot reaches the desired room the guest is notified via the room phone.  Things such as elevator etiquette as well as extra time for “selfie with the robot” have been programmed to make the robot a component in the operations staff.


What Next?

It is my opinion that these service oriented robots have a future in hotel operations.  There is clearly a novelty component and that will last for some time.  These robots have the ability to perform vital and necessary functions within the hotel.  Whether it is staff augmentation or night shift duty, there is most likely an economical case for the robotic staff member to only require a battery change for employment.  So, be on the lookout, the next time you call down to the front desk for something, there might be a robot at your door.




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