Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Why Use Above Property For Your Hotel Software Needs?

Smaller Dedicated Company with Lightning Speed Results

Using a smaller company, such as Above Property, for your hotel software needs has many benefits because we get the work done quickly, without the bureaucracy and complexity of a larger company. All eighteen employees have a stake in the company with our profit sharing plan. We each wear multiple hats, but we love our job! Therefore, each person in our company works diligently to bring our software to the point where we can say; we have the fastest DRS on the planet!


Agile Environment

We do planning twice a month and schedule tasks for each person through an Agile software tool called, Rally Software. This allows us to assign tasks and finish them quickly to get results for our hotel customers. They like the progress that we make for them and the fact that everything is all custom designed for each hotel.


Less Cost and Hassle for Your Hotel

By using us for your hotel software needs, you’ll have less work to do. We provide everything you need. Just log on and start running your business. We have a Platform as a Service, which provides the entire infrastructure needed. The benefits to you are, no more buying expensive hardware, no hiring teams of highly paid technical employees, no need to look for data center vendors, and no more need for never-ending upgrade concerns. Start focusing on selling hotel rooms, not running a complex technology infrastructure at your business.

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