Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hotels And The Business Traveler - Part 2

The rebounding economy has lead to the return and rise again of the business traveler, and their influence upon the hotel industry. Hoteliers, in order to capitalize on the increased spending on business travel, need to keep their fingers on the pulse of this vital market segment and anticipate its needs. Although becoming an ever more diverse group, there are a few industry elements of crucial importance to all business travelers in common. Consistency of guest experience, loyalty programs, and quality of reviews, are the most crucial. These were covered in the first part of this blog. However, there are a number of hotel technology related wants and needs of business travelers now.




1 - Wi-Fi

Many surveys find that the majority of business travelers put free Wi-Fi service right to the top of their list of desired hotel amenities. As a growing number of hotels are embracing the concept, a significant segment of business travelers will not stay at hotels that charge guests for the service. Business travelers in particular feel the pinch of Wi-Fi charges because they have to include Internet charges in their expenses they turn into their company.

Another issue encountered by business travelers is the reliability of the Internet connection at the hotels they stay. Between work and home, most people have become quite accustomed to high-speed Internet service. Hotel Wi-Fi; due to sometimes limited bandwidth, can really frustrate a tired traveler, who is away from their home. However, it isn’t always hotel budgeting issues causing the slowdown, as local Internet providers often lack sufficient bandwidth themselves.


2 - Hi-Tech Self Check-in

This does appear to be the way of the future all across the hotel industry. Busy business travelers in particular would appreciate having the ability to skip right past all the other steps of checking-in, to entering their room with their smartphone without having to see anyone first. Keyless entry and mobile apps which enable guests to self check-in via their smartphones, are just beginning to be made available by hotels to their customers or will be soon. Many more are expected to follow, going forward.

Probably the biggest influence upon the hotel industry is the growing importance of the millennial generation. They represent both the present and future of the industry. Hoteliers must meet the needs and match the expectations of business travelers of every generation in order to earn their loyalty and continued business.  


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