Monday, May 11, 2015

Meeting Guest Expectations With Hotel Technology - Part 1

The hospitality industry is continuously striving to raise the level of satisfaction their guests feel during and after every hotel stay. A key tool available to hoteliers in this regard is the growing number of ways hotels can offer technology-based conveniences to their guests. Guest expectations are rising as new and more capable mobile devices become available to the public. Many hotels, particularly mid-scale properties, are increasing their technology budgets in order to implement a variety of technologies designed to enhance the guest experience while meeting their expectations.


Hotel Technology


  • Mobile-based customer solutions


Mobile-based hotel technologies are where many hoteliers are spending their increased technology budgets. As mobile technology advances, so does the expectation on the part of hotel guests that a hotel will accommodate their needs. Many hotel customers come with the expectation of fully utilizing all the capabilities of their devices while away from home. In a survey of travelers conducted in the fall of 2014, Software Advice found that 60 percent of consumers are more likely to stay at a hotel, which offers mobile conveniences such as mobile check-in and mobile room key.


  • Mobile Payments


Mobile payment is another technology growth area for hoteliers. A problem for hotels in this regard is the reality of multiple standards without any stand out payment provider. This has slowed adoption of new forms of payment offered to hotel guests. The most likely solution is going to be hoteliers offering multiple mobile payment options to their customers.  Apple’s Apple Pay is the most promising solution in this segment.  That said, mobile devices have to ensure security as well as NFC (near field communication) capabilities, which can only be found in the latest generation of smart devices.


  • Mobile Workforce Management


Mobile technology can also be implemented by hotels in the area of hotel operations and the management of personnel. The daily tasks of running a hotel, many of which are time-sensitive, can be more effectively scheduled and managed through mobile workforce apps that give staff the ability to mark off assignments as they complete them.

In part two of this blog series we will look at other technologies available to hotels that are not mobile based.



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