Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Meeting Guest Expectations With Hotel Technology - Part 2

Hotels are always seeking ways to improve the level of satisfaction experienced by their guests, whenever they stay with them. This has never been more important than now, considering the explosion of review websites. There are a variety of approaches any hotel can take which will enhance the customer experience while improving their comfort, providing more convenience, and adding value. Hotel technology is an area many hotels are now currently investing in, to that end. Mobile technology and the ubiquity of smartphones among travelers is but one opportunity which is being leveraged by hoteliers, but there are nonetheless other technologies with room for improvement.


Hotel Technology


  • Wi-Fi Improvements


Travelers today have become highly dependent on utilizing their mobile devices to the fullest of their capabilities. This applies as much to leisure travelers as it does to business travelers. Access to the Internet is seen as a necessity, not a luxury. Hotels need to recognize this fact or suffer the consequences. Wi-Fi in their rooms, in addition to common areas of the hotel, is a top priority for travelers. Many now will not book a stay at a hotel without high speed Wi-Fi throughout the property.


  • Network Security


Furthermore, the security of that Wi-Fi network should be trustworthy and safe for use. This requires testing and evaluation of the network on a regular basis to ensure the safety of the guest’s personal devices. This improvement will instill trust in the hotel and make the property seem the more logical choice among a crowded field.


  • Lobby Technology/Facial Recognition


Hoteliers are offering their guests new platforms for communication, service, and convenience in hotel lobbies. This is a trend that has been building for some time and is reaching fruition in the form of lobby touchscreens and facial recognition technology. Operated as if they were oversized mobile devices, these touch screens provide hotel guests with pertinent travel related information such as airline and flight information, news and weather, and local attractions and recommendations. Additionally, hotels have begun implementing self check-in technology in the mode of lobby kiosks, for those guests preferring to go immediately to their room.


Facial recognition is another area of technology showing promise for the hotel industry. Cameras linked up with biological info analyzing software specifically designed to identify human individuals, based on their physical features. In use for some time by law enforcement agencies and retail stores to spot known criminals and shoplifting as it occurs, the technology will provide hotel guests many service and convenience advantages. For example, guests can be greeted by name immediately upon arrival and staff can anticipate their needs in advance.


Hoteliers to significantly raise their customer satisfaction levels can leverage these technologies. However, in the case of younger, millennial generation travelers, these are becoming expected standard features of hotels they prefer to stay with. Going forward, hotels will need to adopt such technologies to keep up.  



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