Monday, May 25, 2015

Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership

If you Google “types of leadership,” you will see definitions and labels for about 20 different styles of leadership.  One of those types is Servant Leadership and that will be the focus of this entry.  At it’s foundation, Servant Leadership put the needs of subordinates first.  It is a style of leadership that is built on trust, loyalty and fairness.


Organizational Framework

While Above Property leadership pursues many types of leadership, Servant Leadership is one that is present all day every day.  As a technology company, it is the creation of software and the ability to operate it that enables Above Property to be successful.  This is only accomplished by supporting the individuals and the processes that allow that to occur.  At the end of the day, by putting the needs of the team first, organizational success is achieved by serving the individuals within the organization.



When a leader decides that he or she should serve their subordinates, it is counterintuitive?  On the surface, yes, but that it where other types of leadership get melded in.  A true leader has the confidence to support the organization from the bottom up as well as from the front.  Running a technology company is also very different from running a pure process oriented operation.  A technology company often brings together multiple complex components to drive a value added solution.  Individuals who work on those complex components must be supported to ensure success.


For the Tool Box

Whether you are an individual contributor, manager, or executive, consider Servant Leadership as an item for your leadership toolbox.  As I began this entry stating there are many different types of leadership styles, Servant Leadership is one of the most satisfying for both the leader as well as the subordinate.  Above Property fully recognizes that great organizations practice effective leadership to drive success. 

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