Monday, June 1, 2015

Company Culture; What Makes it Great?

Until I started researching for this blog topic, I hadn’t really thought too much about our company’s culture.  But in researching the topic, I realized that our company has a more relaxed and laid back atmosphere. We lean more to the Clan or Baseball type culture, which means we tend to be more collaborative; we work as a team, and get our work done without a lot of stress. We’re always looking for ways to improve our company culture here at Above Property.  We continue to add to our list of company perks.



Here are some things that can add to the greatness of your company culture. We have yet to implement some of these ourselves!


  • Make it a priority that all employees treat each other with respect.
  • Make it a policy to be an honest business with good values.
  • Collaborate with your employees on all projects, work as a team, and give them a say; their opinions count.
  • Sometimes getting the work done because of time constraints can interfere with morale, but try to keep the work environment as positive as possible.
  • As a progressive software company, we offer a flexible work schedule since our employees sometimes have to work nights and weekends from home to make a crunch time deadline. We also give generous vacation and personal time (At Above Property we offer 4 weeks vacation to all our employees).
  • We ring a bell in our office every time we win new business. The whole office fills with excitement and enthusiasm after the bell rings.
  • Offer great benefits to employees such as:  low cost insurance, catered lunches, ice cream socials, and holiday parties.
  • Send employees for training and seminars to ensure their skills are up to date when technology changes.
  • We conduct weekly and/or monthly creativity meetings to come up with new ideas for the business. We’re always trying to find improvements in the working environment and the products we offer.
  • Have achievable well-defined goals and when they’re met, offer rewards, such as time off, bonuses or even promotions depending on the scope of the work.
  • Celebrate employee birthdays; it makes them feel special and it’s another morale booster.
  • Implement a profit sharing plan to make sure everyone’s goals are aligned and you share a common vision.
  • If your business is doing well, implement a scholarship program to encourage personal development.



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